Our vision, mission and goals

We want to be recognized as a leading environmental non-governmental organization with constantly sufficient own resources for the implementation of projects in the field of environmental education and sustainable development, in particular projects partially co-financed by institutional funds.

Our mission

We want to meet the need for knowledge about the methods of environmental protection and activities for sustainable development by collecting, producing, and distributing valuable information in a way that satisfies and integrates our donors, sponsors, partners, employees, and volunteers as well as the entire community of the Silesian Voivodeship, using innovative methods of knowledge transfer.

Our goal is to constantly raise the environmental awareness of the society, especially the inhabitants of the Silesian Voivodeship, especially children and schoolchildren.

Our goals and ways to achieve them

Over the next 2-3 years, we want to focus on the implementation of selected statutory goals.

We believe that the main goal of our Foundation is to organize and support environmental education and education on sustainable development and civil society building, and the auxiliary goal: to stimulate social pro-ecological initiatives and for sustainable development and to create conditions for increasing their effectiveness

We want to achieve our statutory goals by implementing the following activities:

  1. Creating and implementing programs, plans, projects in the field of extracurricular environmental education and for sustainable development reaching a wide audience, with particular emphasis on the young generation and active environmental education
  2. Publishing information related to the state of the environment and sustainable development on your own website and using vortals and web portals to disseminate information about the activities of our Foundation.
  3. Production of book publications, multimedia publications (CDs, and the production of folders, posters, and brochures
  4. Organizing voivodship conferences and seminars, particularly important for the implementation of environmental policy and sustainable development in the Śląskie Voivodeship
  5. Organizing environmental, art, and photo competitions, etc., and projects promoting environmental knowledge and the principles of sustainable development in society, such as happenings, festivals, orienteering runs, or other unusual forms of education, especially for children and youth.
  6. Cooperation as a partner in organizing nationwide ecological campaigns (e.g. Earth Day, Clean Up the World, Car Free Day)
  7. Implementation of proprietary programs in ecological schools, such as: “Plant your tree” (planting trees and shrubs), construction of arboretums (care for newly created green areas for learning nature around schools)
  8. Organizing the systematic distribution of ecological publications among schools (subscriptions)
  9. Activities in the field of active protection of animal species (e.g. organizing the construction of feeders and nesting boxes for birds in cities, organizing feeding of birds in winter, organizing raking and burning the leaves of chestnut trees at risk of leaf sprouts)
  10. Activities for the construction of educational paths, points, observation towers, information boards in the field of environmental protection
  11. Activities aimed at launching the production of selected teaching aids influencing the raising of environmental awareness of the society, especially children and adolescents, and related educational and promotional activities.
  12. Providing consultancy for non-governmental organizations and other units working for environmental education and sustainable development
  13. Creating and implementing training projects for selected social and professional groups, aimed at improving qualifications and environmental awareness and in the field of sustainable development.
  14. Development of teaching facilities and the Foundation’s base for the implementation of extracurricular environmental education programs and for sustainable development, with particular emphasis on ensuring the cooperation of highly qualified staff to implement these programs
  15. Cooperation and organization of youth and volunteering to support the implementation of projects in the field of environmental education and sustainable development
  16. Cooperation with non-governmental organizations, local government administration, scientific institutions, and business entities operating in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development in the country and internationally
  17. Establishing funds, prizes, and scholarships and administering them in accordance with the statutory goals of the Foundation.
  18. Conducting information and promotion campaigns, in particular
  • to reduce low emissions,
  • handling municipal waste,
  • creating green jobs and
  • other activities important for environmental protection and sustainable development in the Śląskie Voivodeship;

using a variety of tools, including media and the latest techniques