Ecological workshops

The Ecological Foundation “Silesia” has been involved in the broadly understood ecological education for 20 years. We organize workshops for young people, training, exhibitions, screenings of educational and nature films.

Our offer includes over 20 titles of workshops for children and youth carried out directly in educational centers in the Silesian Voivodeship and in the neighboring voivodeships. Workshops can be conducted at school or in the field (in the immediate vicinity of the school).

The aim of the workshop is to create sustainable habits and behaviors in the spirit of an ecological lifestyle at home, at school, and in the immediate vicinity. The effect is to be a measurable reduction of waste generated, lower consumption of water, electricity, and heat, fewer trips by private cars, and an increase in the share of organic farming products in purchases.

Ecological workshop topics:

  • air protection, soil protection, water protection,
  • waste management – correct waste segregation,
  • reduction of low emissions,
  • forest protection,
  • noise protection,
  • protection of endangered species of plants and animals.

The most popular topics include:

“About trees and behavior in the forest”

“Recycling – new from old”

“Life in greenhouses – climate change”

“About the Knight of Recycling and the Fairy of Segregation”

“Wonderful World of insects”

“We help our winged friends”

All classes are specially adapted to the age of the recipients – taking into account their manual and intellectual abilities.

We encourage you to contact the Foundation in order to receive an individually prepared offer for the workshop.

The topics of the classes can be modified and compiled in any way, it is also possible to create workshop cycles – everything at your request !!

Information is provided by:

Ms Katarzyna Chyła –

Ms Ewa Majek –

Here is a report from the activities carried out in 2011 !!

Organization of workshops

Workshops are conducted in groups of up to 30 people. Two-hour ecological workshops are conducted by ecological education trainers. Coaches travel to your facility for pre-arranged classes. During the workshops, it is possible to present nature and educational films. The Foundation has about 200 nature films in its collection, which certainly enriches ecological activities. We also have professional multimedia equipment necessary for the presentation of films.

Field ecological and nature workshops

We invite you to field classes in city parks and forests. Outdoor activities will not only diversify the school’s everyday life and allow you to spend time in the bosom of nature, but also complement the implementation of the ecological and regional inter-subject path. The information obtained during such classes will be permanently remembered by students, as they will be supported by their own observations and experiences.

Methods of conducting workshops

Classes are conducted with methods that activate the group, using creative thinking techniques, as well as physical, art and paratheatrical activities. In our workshops, students do not get bored, because they learn through play and active participation.

Organization cost

The cost of the classes varies depending on the individual needs of each facility.

We assure you that each offer will be tailored to your preferences

– please contact the Foundation’s employees.